Nice To Meet You

Hi, my name is Abderrahmane Tebbal, a.k.a Ovela, and I'm a Montreal music producer and part-time gamer. Look no further if you're looking for high quality instrumentals with a vision. My work reflects my personality and my background. I am one of those people who've lived in multiple countries and has been enriched by their cultures and traditions. My product always distinguishes itself from the common heard's.

Music Production

Here are a a few tracks that I produced the instrumentals for... for more tracks, please visit my <a href="" target="_blank">Soundcloud Profile</a>.

Dark Light - Azontreal

I produced the instrumental for this Afro-beat track, part of the 'Loin de toi' album, for which I produced all of the instrumentals. It truly depicts my range when it comes to music production and working across different genres.

+ Listen to the ablum

Dark Light - Flying International

This track is also part of the 'Loin de toi' album, which is one of my greatest accomplishments.

+ Listen to the album

SBP (Simple But Powerful)

This beat is a good example of my skills.

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Video Synching

My skill range expands to video synchronization and here are a few examples of my past and current work.

Wall-E Post-Production Video

This was a school project in which me and my group members were given a silent 10 min clip of Pixar's Wall-E. We had to add sound FX, a soundtrack and any other sounds you'll hear.

Terminator - Synch Demo

Post-Production. I had to place sound effects and music on this game trailer (Synchronization using Logic 8). It took me 6 hrs to complete the job.
Everything in this video is property of Gameloft.

Lonely One - Synch Demo

I produced or more like improvised the background music for this 1 minute clip of the game Lonely One. I also did the sound effects synching. The video game is property of Macaron.


I have always been into graphic design an I've been drawing since I was a child. Unfortunately since college, I've been exercising this hobby less and less and through time, it has evolved into logo and mobile design.

Mobile Design

Mobile design is fairly a new passion of mine. I design mobile homescreens whenever I find the time. I use multiple launchers (Nova, Go, Apex...) and apps (Zooper Widget Pro and KLWP wallpaper maker pro) to design beautiful and eye pleasing designs.

Contact Me

Interested in working together? Use the e-mail or phone number below to contact me. Please allow a couple of days to respond via e-mail.

  • 213-1045 Rue Wellington
    Montréal, QC, H3C 1V6
  • tebbald [at] gmail [dot] com
    (514) 433-7142